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Disruption in Banking: Competition or Collaboration? Nomis Solutions Announces Speakers and Discussion Themes for 2015 Pricing Forum

San Bruno, CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2015

As peer-to-peer lending grows exponentially and interest-rate changes loom ever closer, bankers are preparing to meet in San Francisco in April for the premier annual retail banking pricing summit, Nomis Forum.

Disaster only happens when you are not prepared, said Nomis CEO Frank Rohde. That is the message behind Forums ‘Keep Calm and Be Prepared’ theme this year. At Nomis Forum 2015, academics, policy makers, data scientists, and bankers will explore the critically important issues of changing customer demands and behaviors, disruptive innovation, the possibilities and implications of flat and rising interest rates, and the present and future of decision-support and front-line execution software for pricing at retail banks.

The eighth annual Nomis Forum is April 13-15 in San Francisco, California. More information and registration is available at http://www.nomisforum.com. A diverse group of thought leaders will explore theory and practice in the near, medium, and long term. Speakers and topics on the schedule include:

Frank Rohde, Nomis CEO: Dont be THAT Banker

Painting a picture of alternative futures based on todays decisions, Frank will open Nomis Forum with an overview of the next two days and discuss alternative paths to the future of retail banking. He will present varying views of economic growth and interest rates; the state and future of banking innovation; and how all of it intersects with the desire, practice, and promise of focusing on customers.

Richard Swart, PhD, Director of Research, Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance, Coleman Fung Institute, University of California, Berkeley: Silicon Valley and Peer-to-Peer Lending: Disruptive Competition or Collaboration?

Why do the president of Iceland and Jesse Jackson want to talk to a Berkeley professor about alternative finance? It has a lot to do with a restless middle class and the supply and demand for loans and equity. Most popular coverage of alternative finance talks about the demand side. But the best way to predict the success and scope is to look at the supply side. The longer Wall Street parties like its 1999 with low regard for Silicon Valley technology alphas, the more they set themselves up for major disruption. There is a global generation of technically skilled, mobile-savvy twenty-somethings who have zero opportunities in the economy, so they are creating their own. Dr. Swart will explain why alternative finance has emerged, the trajectory it is on right now, and what traditional banks need to do to meet the challenge.

Case studies from leading North American and European banks.

An innovation panel discussion with representation from top 10 North American banks.

Dr. Robert L. Phillips, Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia Business School and Founder, Nomis Solutions: The Need for Speed

Many start-ups are being built on the premise that they will disrupt the financial service industry the way that iTunes disrupted the music industry and Uber is disrupting the taxi industry. To compete against these would-be disrupters, financial service companies need to become far more agile and responsive than they have been in the past. In this session, Bob will address the need for financial service companies to dramatically accelerate their businesses in two different areas: their response to competition and their response to customers. Retail banking has been driving under the yellow flag since the wreck of 08. Now that the track is almost cleared, the race has restarted and speed will determine not just the winners and losers, but the survivors.

Mark Joseph Kenney, Chairman at Severson & Werson: Pricing and Fairness in Financial Services

What is fair? From a contract, regulatory, and customer perspective, attendees will learn about the multiple facets of this issue and why technology solutions are part of the solutionnot problemwhen it comes to TCF (treating customers fairly). Mr. Kenney serves as General Counsel to the Law Committee of the American Financial Services Association, and in 2006 received that Associations Distinguished Service Award. He is a frequent lecturer on issues arising in complex litigation and government regulation concerning consumer and commercial financial services.

Jason Bilodeau, Managing Director of Research at Macquarie Capital Markets: Judging Banks: An Analysts View of Innovation

With 20 years of experience on Wall Street and Bay Street, Jason offers a unique perspective on what drives investor perception of the banking industry and how senior executives strive to address pricing, customer service, and innovation in their competitive strategies. Jason will provide a current view on the perceived challenges and opportunities in the North American banking market from a shareholder/investor perspective and how those interests are driving executive focus.

Aaron Fine, Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Retail and Business Banking Practice: Digital, Data, and the Truth about the Future of Financial Services

The growth of data will expose areas of inefficiency across the economy while digital technologies will provide existing banks and new entrants the ability to pursue new opportunities more aggressively than ever before. Aaron will describe how these conditions create an opportunity for leading firms to enter historically barred markets and create new areas of value while emphasizing the need for all firms to understand their real sources of profit, customer needs, and place in the worldor risk losing them.

Other presentations and discussions include:

Fred Brothers, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer, FIS:

Innovation in Financial Services

Damian Young, Nomis Vice President of Banking, EMEA:

Are Banks Truly Innovative?

Grant Mackenzie, recent CEO of Canadiana:

Growing a Profitable Mortgage Business in Challenging Times

Nick Young, Nomis Principal Consultant:

The Contrarian: What if Rates Dont Go Up Any Time Soon?

Bill Bang, Nomis VP of Analytics Services:

Luck is the Residue of Design: Making the Most of Upcoming Rising Rates

Other presentations and discussions planned for Forum include: Banking Disruption in Deposits (Threats and Opportunities); Focus on the Customer: The Hype and Reality; Innovation and Customer Focus in Mortgage Retention; Maintaining Deposit Balances and Improving Margins in a Low-rate Environment; and Lessons Learned in Home Equity Pricing.

The conference also offers numerous opportunities for networking, which is cited each year by attendees as a highly valued part of Nomis Forum.

For the full schedule and to learn more about the forum, register to attend, or inquire about sponsorship, visit http://www.nomisforum.com.

About Nomis Solutions

Nomis is a fast-growth company that combines cutting-edge Silicon Valley approaches to big data, advanced modeling, and deep analytics to help large and medium-sized retail banks better understand their customers. We help these banks deliver win-win products and pricing in an environment that is increasingly competitive, highly disruptive, and with an expectation of rising interest rates. In 2014, Nomis customers optimized over $ 1 trillion in banking transactions and since inception, Nomis customers have generated over $ 1 billion in incremental profits.

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