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Fitch Rates Washington Prime Group, LP’s $500MM Term Loan due 2020 ‘BBB

Fitch Rates Washington Prime Group, LP’s 0MM Term Loan due 2020 ‘BBB
The company intends to use the proceeds to repay in full the outstanding indebtedness under, and to terminate, the bridge term loan agreement dated Jan. 15, 2015 and for other corporate purposes. The bridge loan was previously put in place to …
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Is a 401(k) Loan Always a Bad Idea?
Yet, other respondents think that 401(k) loans can be a valuable tool for achieving other financial goals, especially for those with a plan to pay the money back and who can continue to make retirement-plan contributions along the way. Indeed, a very …
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Baby Boomers: Face it. If You’re Not Rich Now, You’ll Never Be
Either way you slice it, however, Social Security won’t make anyone rich, though it can bridge the gap between poverty and a comfortable retirement. Pensions? Not for most. It’s well known that the pension … This is reflected in the Harvard study …
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