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Home Energy Systems Energizes Third Virtual Net Metering (VNM) Apartment Community

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Home Energy Systems (HES), one of San Diegos top solar companies, completes their third virtual net metering (VNM) project in an apartment community, this time with partner in clean energy HG Fenton. The solar system features roof-mounted and ground mounted arrays energizes April 13, 2015.

In the past, Virtual Net Metering was perceived as difficult to employ. Home Energy Systems has honed its expertise in VNM projects and asserts that actuating these commercial solar systems is a streamlined and time effective process. While HES continues to expand their mastery of commercial solar installations, their recent projects support the notion that the implementation of VNM in new construction and existing apartment communities is attainable in a reasonable timeline. That more developers and apartment owners have begun to implement these systems is a testament that VNM makes fiscal sense for the property owners and tenants alike. Quince Park Apartment owner Mike Capozza commented on his 2014 VNM installation with Home Energy Systems,HES did an outstanding turn-key install of VNM at my Escondido apartments. They educated me on financials of VNM and they helped me understand I wasnt investing in a system but rather, I was investing in the energy production the system created. My operating costs for the property are way down and the tenants love that electric is included and that its green.

For those unfamiliar with the acronym VNM, Virtual Net Metering exists when the proprietor or operator of a multi-tenant property designates the percentage of the total metered output of energy, in this case solar energy, to be allocated to each tenant service account known as Benefitting Accounts. In terms specific to this project, the energy collected from the array of 1,648 SunPower solar panels installed on the Aquatera premises is distributed to 254 individual apartments. Energy credits allotted to the tenants are measured against kilowatt hour usage. If the tenant does not use all of their allotted kilowatt hour credits, they get rolled-over to the next months billing cycle where the goal is for the tenant to pay zero electricity cost on an annual basis.

Aquatera residents can now get all of the energy they need from the sun, enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and save money on electricity, said Mike Neal, president and CEO of H.G. Fenton Company. We are following the example we set in 2013 at our Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments in Scripps Ranch. It was San Diegos first net-zero apartment community and also featured virtual net metering. We worked closely with Home Energy Systems to make that innovation possible and are pleased to be creating a similar lifestyle opportunity for residents at Aquatera.

A system this size is capable of producing 100% of the operating energy for this 254-unit apartment community. The system will produce 975,000kilowatt hours per year, spread across the individual units, varying for unit size. This power output to Aquateras customers saving roughly to $ 175,000 in annual electricity costs with concurrent with todays energy pricing. As rates increase over time, the value of a VNM system likely increases.

There are thousands of apartment communities in the San Diego area that can utilize Virtual Net Metering and offset their properties energy consumption 100%. It is a little known program that can be a huge tool in reducing operating costs for apartment owners, and its green. Weve become experts on VNEM usage and have positioned ourselves to execute these projects on a regular basis. We are excited about what the future holds for VNEM in San Diego as property owners become more familiar with the program. – Ross Williams, Vice President Home Energy Systems

About Home Energy Systems (HES Solar) http://HESSolar.com

Home Energy Systems is a turn-key solar design and installation company proudly serving San Diego since 2001. HES core skill-set lies in providing clean energy through quality solar energy systems with attention to the fiscal sense it makes for the client, be it a homeowner or a land developer. We pride our designs on efficiency and aesthetic value to keep power flowing, electric bills low and to preserve the original beauty of the home or business. Bringing solar power to the people since 2001 http://www.hessolar.com

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